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Yarrow Central Community SkatePark, Yarrow BC  

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Yarrow Central Community SkatePark bowl, Feb 2012 - Photo:Anthony Hancock

heres a little bowl, in a small place called Yarrow. 5ft deep with 6ft corner

pretty cool little park, over run by razer kids but you just have to go there during school hours!
Anthony Hancock -

WhaT iT is: outdoor / concrete

LocaTed:Yarrow Central Community Park 42348 Yarrow Central Road, Chilliwack, BC

DirecTions: » - 49.081695,-122.054533


» Yarrow gets brand new skatepark -

this website wants your Yarrow skate photos & videos

  Yarrow Skate Jam   July 2, 2015
Yarrow Skate Jam - July 2, 2015

  • 6-8PM July 2, 2015
  • Yarrow Skatepark Chilliwack BC

  Majuba Round 2 Downhill Longboard race, Yarrow BC   Apr 07, 2013
Majuba Round 2 Downhill Longboard race, Yarrow BC - Apr 07, 2013

  • meet at the Yarrow skatepark at 10:00 am for registration and the run down on how the race will happen. Corner of Yarrow Central Road and Kehler Street
  • Speeds up to 75 - 80km/h.

  Majuba Downhill, Yarrow BC   March 31, 2012
Majuba Downhill, Yarrow BC - March 31, 2012

Removal of the old park Yarrow Skate Park built in 1993