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Ladner Skatepark, Ladner BC  

Ladner Skate Park - Photo:Finestone

WhaT iT is: outdoor / concrete / The park is about the size of an outdoor hockey rink and is another example of primitive park design. The features that are good include a steep flat bank, ledges, small stair set, hand rail, flat rail, manny pad and basic pyramid. All the other concrete work is pretty poor and leaves the vert skater without much to play with.

LocaTed:4600 Clarence Taylor Crescent, Ladner

Notes: » The Ladner park is good for local kids to get the hang of all the basics but would likely not hold the attention of older, experienced skaters. If you are in the neighborhood check it out, if not don't bother!
» There is a Rotten Ron's (McDonald s) on the corner and the Leisure center has snack food if you feel the need.

DirecTions: adjacent to the Ladner Leisure Center and across from the hospital. Follow the signs for the hospital off Ladner Trunk Road and you can't miss the park. » +49 5' 15.11", -123 3' 29.79"

Ladner Skate Park - Photo:Finestone
Ladner Skate Park - Photo:Finestone
Ladner Skate Park - Photos:Finestone

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mitch - ladner hand rail - Photo: Chris Cafferky

Photos:Chris Cafferky
mitch - heelflip ladner drop - Photo: Chris Cafferky