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  • 10' Kahuna Warrior Paddleboard [photo] $1050 10' x 32.5" x 4.5" Comes with Paddle, Fin and Bag. Some minor scratches on the sides (see photo) but other than that the board is in great shape!
    email - Brent - Victoria (Nov/14/2019)

  • 5'9" Tomo Cymatic [photo] Perfect condition. $875. (firm) 5'9" 201/8" x 2 11/16" (34.3L) No fins.
    steve - 250-507-2343 Victoria (Nov/12/2019)

  • 5'11" Firewire Hashtag [photo] 5'11" x 19 3/8 x 2 9/16 @ 29.5l Excellent condition, been hanging in the garage for 2 years waiting for the right surf trip. $450
  • 5'10" Lost Mayhem V2 Rocket [photo] Rare- Firewire Timbertek construction 5'10" 32L 2.5 x 20 Excellent condition! $450
    Rob - 250-634-2732 Sooke/Ukee (Nov/05/2019)

  • 6'6" Channel Islands K-board step up [photo] 6'6" x18 5/8 x2 1/4 FCS Good condition epic board with plenty of life left. Few dings that were always fixed properly. Excellent board if you want to knife in a bit early and still manoeuvre in and out of the barrel. 360$ No fins
    Erik - 250-888-9502 Langford (Nov/05/2019)

  • 5'7 Seaside by firewire [photo] near new with new stop pad 900.00
    geoff - 778-977-6150 Victoria (Nov/05/2019)

  • 5'9.5 Aftanas Bob [photo] with board bag fins stomp pad and leash 217/8 width 2 3/4 depth 39.4 litres Great shape as not riding lots $600
    email - Rob - 250-792-1903 Courtenay (Nov/05/2019)

  • 6'2 Aloha AF2 [photo] 6'2 x 19 x 2 3/8 Good condition, some minor dings repaired, watertight. Includes fins, stomp pad, board bag. $275
  • 5'6 Barracuda Janitor [photo] 5'6 x 19 3/8 x 2 5/16 Excellent condition. Includes fins and board bag. $350
    email - Krysia - Victoria (Nov/04/2019)

  • 7'3" Town & Country [photo] $525 L: 7'3" W: 21" T: 2 1/2" 3 Fins Setup FCS. Includes Leash and Carrying bag.
    email - Ernesto - 250-732-5957 Shawnigan Lake (Nov/03/2019)

  • 5'10 Barracuda Penny Pincher [photo] $600 wide point pushed forward a couple of inches to get my foam under the chest - great paddling shortboard
    Aske - 250-857-5099 Oak Bay (Nov/01/2019)

  • 5'10 Lost Quiver Killer [photo] 5'10 x 19.75 x 2.38 = 30.5L. Good condition, a couple of scratches on the bottom and minor dings. Fins not included. $450
  • 6'0 Tomo SKX [photo] 6'0 x 19-5/8 x 2-9/16 = 31.5L. Good condition, rear fin has been repaired from a minor ding. Fins not included. $500?
  • 6'2 Channel Islands DFR [photo] 6'2 x 19.25 x 2.5 = 31L. Multiple small dings on the bottom but all are sealed and water tight. Fins not included. $250
    email - Dan - Sooke (Nov/02/2019)

  • 5'10" Luke Short Designs Big Tex [photo] Like New. 39L. Bought in December All wave unit. 615.00 Can meet anywhere south Island. Get some!
    email - Benjamin - 250-900-6605 Victoria (Oct/29/2019)

  • 6'1 Al Merrik MSF Singlefin [photo] 6'1 X 20 X 2 3/4 Good condition 600 No fin
  • 6'1 Mandala Custom Roundtail Glass-on Quad [photo] 6'1 x 19 3/4 x 2 1/2 Good condition 600
    email - Mo - 778-584-5212 Fernwood (Oct/29/2019)

  • 5'4 Handshaped fish w/ glassed on keel fins [photo] 5'4 x 20 1/2 x 2 1/2. pretty decent condition with a couple of dingers, nothing too serious to write home about though. $350 obo
  • 5'11 Al Merrick Fred Rubble [photo] 5'11 x 18 7/8 x 2 5/10 x 27.0 L. has a couple of love scars but also in pretty decent condition. Future set up. $300 obo
    zachary - 250-309-6793 Victoria (Oct/26/2019)

  • 6'3" Aftanas Project [photo] 33.6L Enjoy rail turns from this performance board. I have lots of fun riding it, but alas I am not a 33L shortboard weight. One repair professionally done on bottom and a couple pressure dents on deck. $420 obo
  • 6'4" Klimax [photo] This Peruvian hand shaped board goes great when the waves are good. Never been there but I heard there are points for days = great point board. Minor deck pressure dents. $200
  • 6'2" Hayden Shapes Blak Cat [photo] Not entirely sure I want to sell it. I have lots of fun surfing this board but the quiver remodel put this one on the block. Damage to the nose poorly repaired and a little delam on the rails. $250 obo
    Kostya - 250-793-2153 Nanaimo (Oct/23/2019)

  • barracuda fried egg [photo] super fun for small to medium waves, good condition with a funky colour to stand out in the lineup. $400 OBO with set of quad fcs fins
  • 6' aftanas board [photo] It has a few hairline cracks from transport on the outer resin coat. Structurally there is no problem (still watertight) but it is a bit aesthetically unpleasing. $200
    email - Tashi - 250-814-3149 Victoria (Oct/22/2019)

  • 6'4 Superfrog Fish [photo] 39L $350 Imported from France where the brand it is made. Great board that catches waves any size and in any conditions. The fish tail makes turning easy. This board could be a great beginner board for someone looking for transitioning from long board to a shorter board. I learned surfing with this board but now I do not use it anymore course I have lot’s of other boards so even if it is a sentimental piece I decided to sell it. Price Firm. Comes with fins and pad.
  • 5'8 Heydenshapes Love Buzz [photo] Futures $250 A true performance shortboard. Some Hybrid characteristics with a lot of foam in the middle and front to catch waves easily. Fast turning and aggressive in the right conditions (when it is nice and glassy). All dings professionally repaired. No fins included.
    Gabriele - Text me for info and if interested 778-922-5462 Victoria BC (Oct/20/2019)

  • 5'4 Haydenshapes Hypto Krypto [photo] $350 without fins, extra $50 to include fins
    Kris - 604-901-1653 Tofino/Vicoria (Oct/20/2019)

  • 6'8" Channel Islands M13 [photo] Good condition. 6'8" 20" 2 3/4". Good for a big guy transitioning from a long board to a shortboard. Small ding on tail repaired by the guys at barracuda. Board comes with fins and the classic boardbag with a broken zipper. 450$
    Ryan - 604-760-2574 Victoria (Oct/19/2019)

  • 9'6" Modern long board [photo] $700
  • 9'6" Gordon and Smith Comp DT model [photo] $800
  • 5'10" Tyler hatzikian deuce fish [photo] Craftsman model , meaning Tyler has done every step start to finish. Tyler has ridden 3 times and I have twice. $1000
    email - Curtis - 250-888-8793 Jordan River (Oct/08/2019)

  • 5'10" Channel Islands Pod [photo] $400 includes CI fins, great condition
    email - chris - Comox Valley (Oct/27/2019)

  • 6'0 Channel Islands Flyer F [photo] $300 OBO 6'0, 19, 2 3/8 Basically brand new, only got to surf a couple times
    email - Daniel - 250-668-7976 Nanaimo (Oct/05/2019)

  • 5'9 Al Merick Kelly replica [photo] 24.9 litres great board few pressure dings, 1 ding professionally fixed but otherwise great condition No fins or leg rope incl. in price may sell for extra $350
    Max - 250-920-6973 View royal (Oct/17/2019)

  • 6'8 Speed Egg [photo] 6'8-21"-2 5/8" excellent condition 600$ OBO handshaped, monochromatic resin tint, gloss deck with black bottom. 2+1 setup. Comes with fins if you ask nice.
    email - damian - 250-589-9533 sooke (Oct/28/2019)

  • 6'3 x 18 3/4 x 2 1/2 30 L Channel Islands Black Beauty [photo] In excellent condition, some minor scuffs and scratches but no major dings. $450
  • 5'9 Aftanas Sled [photo] Other dimensions were painted over but around 20" wide and 2" 3/8 thick. Squash tail with five fin setup. In good condition, few dings repaired professionally. $300
    email - Nate - French Beach (Sep/30/2019)

  • 6'0/19/2,5/8 FireWire [photo] 450$ future fins, board in excellent condition. 31l. Single to double concave. Very versatile board.
    Fratello - 778-679-3286 Victoria (Sep/27/2019)

  • 5'3 Fish Hand shape [photo] Glassed on keel fins Plenty of volume for the size. Super fast flat rocker. Good condition $500
  • 6'0 Goofy foot asym [photo] Shaped for a goofy footer. It’s like having a twin fish on your toe side and a tight tail quad on your heels. Experimental and super fun. It’s what the cool kids are doing these days. Great condition. $500 obo
    email - Andy - 250-266-0704 Shirley/ Vic (Sep/26/2019)

  • 6'0" Lost mayhem psycho ward [photo] 6" 18.25 x 2.18. Some pressure dings. Glass is in good shape no leaks. Comes with newer fcs fins, no leash $200
  • 5'11" Kane Garden [photo] 18.2 x 2.2, Futures fins, One fin box has been repaired as seen in photo. Lots of pressure dings but doesn’t leak. Comes with fins and leash
    Bryon - 250-618-2065 Nanaimo (Sep/24/2019)

  • 6'4" Cascadia Tyee Surfboard [photo] ( Like new - only used once, one coat of wax. Comes with new fins and leash $600 firm
    email - Oben - 778-999-4278 Vancouver (Sep/21/2019)

  • 7’ Northwest Surf Designs Single Fin Board [photo] is in amazing condition. Only ridden a few times Comes with fin leash and board bag $800
    email - Sean - 905-960-6152 Sooke (Sep/14/2019)

  • 9'3 Firewire Special T [photo] w boardbag, leash and fin. In good shape, has one professionally repaired ding on the deck. $1000 OBO.
    email - Spencer - 250-880-5581 Victoria (Sep/14/2019)

  • 6'4 Vudu Surfboard [photo] 6'4 x 19 3/4 x 2 3/4 Only ridden about 4 times, perfect condition except for about 2 pressure dents. Damaged fin box as well as a spot on nose repaired professionally by Baracuda. Asking 550, comes with fins and board bag.
    Ludwig - 306-450-7246 Oak Bay (Sep/04/2019)

  • 6'6" FireWire flexfire [photo] 6'6" x 18 7/8 x 2 1/2 Good condition $175 Nose broke off and was repaired and sealed with solar res
    email - Josh - (Sep/04/2019)

  • 6'6" Rusty C5 thruster [photo] with 2 twiners. Shaped in California by Rusty Preisendorfer Good condition $450 Bag and leash
    Mark - 250-812-8708 Sooke BC. Please leave a message if no one answers. We will get back to you promptly (Sep/08/2019)

  • 5'6" Lost Puddle Jumper [photo] 5'6" x 21" x 2.5" 33L FCS 5-fin set-up. In great condition. $500
  • 6'2" Lost Rock-Up [photo] 31.5L x 19.50 x 2.44" with Futures 3-Fin. Awesome hydrid step-up for south coast. In excellent condition. $550 and will throw in a board bag with broken zipper.
  • 5'10" Negative Surfboards short board [photo] 5'10" x 19 3/8" x 2 3/8" Great small wave board. Well known shaper in South Africa. In great shape. $200 obo with a board bag
    Ian - 250-588-4024 Victoria (Sep/10/2019)

  • 5'8 Hypto Crypto [photo] 5'8 x 20 1/2 x 2 1/2 . 300$ Used 3 years. Two fixed dings on the bottom. Good condition. No fins
    Matt - 581-888-6745 Ucluelet (Aug/20/2019)

  • 6'4"x 21.75" x 2.43" Surftech Xanadu [photo] asking $550 Super lite and super fun board. Has one tiny pressure ding that is water tight. Other then that it in mint shape.Comes with fins.
    Kurt Connorton - text or call me 250-896-1564 Victoria BC (Aug/18/2019)
r u b b e r

  • Xcel Gloves size XL [photo] These are in Excellent Condition $20 OBO
    email - Jonathan - 250-264-6245 victoria (Nov/07/2019)

  • Women’s xcel infinity 6/5/4 Size ten wetsuit. Good condition always rinsed 100
    Chris - 250-592-5441 Victoria (Nov/04/2019)

  • Hotline UHC 5/4 mm size LS Large Stocky [photo] no leaks;4 yrs old; $400.
    email - dave - 250-744-2923 victoria (Oct/20/2019)

  • xcel booties Size 8 drylock, split toe 5mm New $40
  • Mens LS Xcel Axis 5/4mm hooded [photo] used 3-4 times, as new $180
  • Mens Xcel Drylock 5/4, Size Large Brand New, $375
    email - John - 250-642-2587 Sooke, can meet in Victoria, I am in Vancouver every couple weeks (Oct/08/2019)

  • Billabong 3/2mm Women's sz 4 Long sleeve Wetsuit [photo] Super flex synergy flat lock/ - $85 size : Euro 8 / USA 4 /AUS 8 Like new* Bought it 6 years ago and have used in on a trip for a week once. Blue accents on legs and arms. AX2 Superflex Neoprene Back zip flat lock design-makes this suit easy to get on and off Contour collar for extra comfort Molded kneepads. Located in whistler but in Vancouver 1 /week
    email - Jenna - 778-994-8848 Whistler (Oct/06/2019)

  • excel drylock size ls good condition, i'm to fat so has to go, $250 obo
    email - mike - sooke (Oct/06/2019)

  • XL Rip Curl Fbomb [photo] No holes and has been stretched out a bit so will probably fit somewhere between an XL and 2XL. $100
    John - Send me a text if you are interested. Thanks 250-360-7420 Victoria (Oct/03/2019)

  • 4/3 Billabong Furnace Size Small Carbon X Chest Zip Wetsuit [photo] I have repaired 2 tears and little holes on the seams. Still plenty of life. $150
    Don - 250-619-2163 Nanaimo, BC (Sep/15/2019)

  • Xcel Infinity X-zip 2 Womans size 4 fullsuit great condition, No rips, very well taking care of. $200 o.b.o Only issue with this suit is it is too small now, otherwise would have kept it for a few more years. Had the suit for 5 years and used maybe 5-6 times a year if lucky.
    email - Lee - 778-789-1661 New Westminster (Sep/13/2019)

  • Xcel Infinti - Size L, 5/4 (2017) 120 obo
  • Billabong Furnace Carbon X - Size L (2017), 180 obo Both suits were lightly used as a rotation with 3 wetsuits
    email - Matt - Vancouver. Im in the Victoria area quite often (Sep/11/2019)

  • Xcel Infinity 6/5/4 Size 10T Womens Hooded Fullsuit [photo] In perfect condition - Used less than 5 times. $200
    Marek Hanel - 250-217-3243 VictoriA (Sep/09/2019)

  • O’Neil mutant XL 2018 suit as new never worn.
    Jamie - 240-331-1330 Courtenay (Sep/05/2019)

  • RipCurl flash bomb Men's medium [photo] One is 6/5/4 and the other is 5.5/4. $130 each
    email - Peter - (Aug/04/2019)

a c c e s o r i e s

  • FCS Soft Double Surf Rack [photo] $80 Don't have a roof rack on your car? No Problem! Strap down your Surfboards or SUP Boards to your car with this soft, portable FCS Soft Surf Rack. FCS Soft Double Surf Rack fits any car with four doors (or two door cars with back windows that open). It can hold up to 4 longboards. This rack is in great shape. It was only used a few times. It works great! I'm only selling it because I got a van that already has a roof rack.
    email - Conor - Vancouver (Nov/10/2019)

  • 9'6"x24" Board bag [photo] for longboard. wall bag with wheels for easy traveling. Good condition except one of the zippers is a little sticky. $80
    Hajo - 250-353-2100 Duncan (Nov/03/2019)

  • Looking to buy a pair of size 9 or 10 surf booties. 5mm preferred but either works. Thanks so much. Just lost a pair of 9mm quicksilver booties today and am on the hunt for another pair if these dont get returned.
    email - Riley - 509-885-0776 Victoria (Sep/26/2019)

  • 7'0" Dakine Surfboard Bag [photo] In awesome condition, asking $50 firm!
    email - Hanry Lourencone Nonato - 604-710-4155 Vancouver (Aug/08/2019)

w a n t e d

  • Wanted: Looking for a Medium Tall 5/4 or 5.5/4.5 wetsuit!
    email - Nevan - 250-537-6856 Victoria (Nov/12/2019)

  • Looking for an affordable used 7'6'ish mini mal that can get bonked on rocks by beginners in small waves and survive. I don't have the budget for a new board so it doesn't have to look nice so long as it still surfs.
    email - Beth - Victoria (Oct/02/2019)

  • Wanted- 5'11 Firewire Baked Potato w/Fins
    email - Rip - 604 349-1542 anywhere in BC (Sep/18/2019)

  • In Search Of Used shaping planer Not looking for your 1000$ Skil 100- Will consider Hitachi or non mint Skil , or.
    Ian - 250-726-6566 Ucluelet (Sep/07/2019)

Jeffries Bay SA & Punta de Mita, Nayarit, Mexico accomodations & surf trips
Jeffries Bay SA & Punta de Mita, Nayarit, Mexico accomodations & surf trips
email - greg

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