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  • Lost:Grey Wool Beach Blanket in the Sombrio Parking lot or the Sombrio road. Drove away with my blankie on the car. #twitmoment. There is a beer in it for you if you found it. Thanks
    email - Steve - 250-818-6527 sooke (Nov/06/2017)

  • Stolen: Mens 2016 Vissla 7 seas hooded 5/4/3 sz MT, xcel xplorer 3mm booties sz 9.5 from my porch in Victoria. If these are spotted it would be greatly appreciated if you were to contact me. Wetsuit was in practically brand-new condition, but with a small tear on the peak brim.
    email - Patrick J. - 613-297-9612 (Oct/30/2017)

  • lost my wetsuit gloves on Saturday October 28th at Sombrio Beach car park. If anyone found them please call. thanks
    - alex - 604-724-0845 (Oct/30/2017)

  • Lost: my GoPro hero 5 on October 8th around 4 pm while surfing at chesterman beach. Appreciate it!
    - Mike - If anyone has come across it please call or text 604-218-3403 (Oct/13/2017)

  • Lost: set of keys at Sewers October 8, 2017 after 3:30 pm We lost a set of 4 keys: Toyota car key with auto entry fob, house key, small circular ended key and square ended key. May have been in Sewers parking lot or across the street where we parked. If found, please email
    email - Alexa - Sewers (Oct/10/2017)

  • Found - Go Pro Hero 3 Long Beach on Aug 15, 2017 Confirm Details for return
  • Found - IPhone 5S Long Beach on Aug 15, 2017 Confirm Details for return
    - Julie - Text or call - 778-708-3415 (Aug/15/2017)

  • Two wetsuits were stolen out of my backyard yesterday afternoon [Aug/11/2017]. One is a Female's 2017 Rip Curl Flash bomb 5/4 size 6 suit bought brand new a month ago and completely black with a fleece lined interior. The other is a Male's Prolimit global 5/3 mesh steamer with a lime green and orange interior. If any of these are spotted it would be greatly appreciated if you were to contact me.
    email - Jackie V - 250-882-2621 Victoria BC (Aug/13/2017)

  • stolen wetsuit, gloves, booties in Tofino Aug 10 [photo] I was in tofino yesterday (August 10 Thursday) cleaning my car at the co-op gas station, and while me and my buddy weren't looking someone stole my Patagonia crab claw 5mm gloves, 3mm O'Neill booties and my billabong absolute X hollow fibre wetsuit it's a medium tall. If anyone sees someone trying to pawn, ride it anything I'd love some help to get it all back. Looks like I can't ride anymore till I get this figured out. It's to bad tofino is turning into a place like this. If anyone has any info or can help please
    email - Cameron - text or call 778-855-3909 Tofino (Aug/12/2017)

  • 5'4" bing dharma 2.0 Stolen [photo] from Long Beach parking lot Saturday 8/5 - reward if returned - Seafoam Green Resin Tint - Black Traction Pad - Rasta Quad Fins Board has a heel dent on the left side of stringer under the front foot.
    email - Corey - 603-770-5966 Tofino (Aug/10/2017)

  • Lost brown leather wallet on Canada day around midnight between shelter and the hatch. If found please contact
    email - William Plensky - 250-618-1186 Tofino (Jul/02/2017)

  • Lost a pair of New Balance shoes size 6.5 women at Chesterman beach. Color is mainly grey with toucb of pink, blue and yellow.
    - Sahra - 604-655-9413 Chesterman Beach (Jul/02/2017)

  • Lost: Blue Hawaiian Island surfboard in white Dakine bag lost along the road between Cox Bay and Tofino town.
    email - Hans - Call or text 604-722-9420 Tofino (Jun/27/2017)

  • Lost my GoPro Hero 4 Silver while surfing on June 17 around 4pm at Incinerator Rock. It will have some videos of surfing and driving. It was in a waterproof and will have a broken mount attached to it.
    email - Amanda - (Jun/19/2017)

  • Found: GoPro Hero 4 and water case at Florencia Bay around 11-13 April. Actual unit doesn't seem to want to turn on but there are some photos on the SD card of a dude in a wetsuit (surfing), and some videos of snowboarding and surfing. I living in Victoria and will be back in Ukee/Tofino for the weekend of 20-22 May.
    email - Kikila - Victoria (Apr/19/2017)

  • Lost black Salomon 10 back pack with camelback [photo] @ Botanical beach trail head on Saturday night April 1st. the bag contained a GoPro hero 4 silver as well as two running shirts. Any information please call. 200$ reward if bag is found with camera or at least memory card
    email - Jeff - 778-677-0155 (Apr/03/2017)

  • Black billabong lobster gloves lost at Sombrio Feb 13th
    email - Taralyn - 250-507-1669 Sombrio (Feb/15/2017)

  • 6'1' aftanas round pin Surfboard Lost at sea 18 13/16'x 2 5/16' says for Brian. green logos and black tailpad purple fcs fins Lost outside of renfrew so who knows where it'll end up prob up island or way up north depending. Really just curious about where it ends up if it's not shitkicked I'll give you something for its return. Thanks
    email - Brian - 250-646-2008 (Jan/30/2017)

  • Lost XL FCS II performer carbon fin at sombrio Jan 1st. [photo] I am not having much luck with this fin system. Second fin in as many months and yes I've put set screws in them now.
    - Jeremy - 250-217-7440 Sombrio (Jan/23/2017)

  • Lost Cell Phone at Jordan River, Saturday January 22nd. Somewhere between the cold shoulder and sewers parking area. Call, text or email if you found it.
    email - Alex Zucchini - 604-816-0816 Jordan River (Jan/23/2017)

  • Lost GoPro Session at South Chesterman Beach. It was attached to a head strap when lost. The memory card has surfing videos and a few of a motorcycle. If founds please contact me, reward will be given. Thank you
    email - Alex Hix - South Chesterman (Jan/11/2017)

  • Lost a right FCS 2 Am fin at sombrio [photo] Saturday October 22. I know it's a long shot but just in case it washes up on shore and someone finds it. Fingers crossed
    email - Jeremy - 250-217-7440 (Nov/11/2016)

  • Lost GoPro - Hero 3 silver addition at Incinerator Rock, Tofino, BC around the end of August 2016. Pictures of surfing on it.
    - Taralyn - 250-507-1669 (Oct/18/2016)

  • Lost GoPro October 7, 2016, CHesterman beach, Torino, BC Video of trying to kayak waves in Pelican kayak. Then boogie boarding.
    email - Greg - Tofino (Oct/08/2016)

  • Lost: Billabong Furnace 7mm boots size 11 or 12 (can't remember) at JR in the point parking lot on Sept 20th. Thanks!
    email - Nolan - 250-661-0761 Jordan River (Sep/25/2016)

  • Lost: AllegroMX hand held field computer forgotten on Rosemund Beach trail past Jordan River on Monday Sept 19th 4pm. This is a work computer for Forestry with important data on it. If found please contact. Thanks
    email - Zoe Allard - 250-735-0088 (Sep/21/2016)

  • Lost: surf boots size 9 sombrio Tuesday afternoon. Ripped tab on right boot. Exel bamboo tech I believe. But who really pays attention. Thanks
    email - Marcus - Sombrio (Aug/19/2016)

  • Lost a 7'0" Hammersurf surfboard around Campbell River on June 4th. The shaper's name is Gary Swanson. It's white with green rails, pulled in nose and squash tail. Thruster fin setup and it was in a white Dakine board bag. Fell off the roof rack north of Campbell River I think. God help me it hurts.
    email - David - text me at 778-835-4299 or email if found (Jun/06/2016)

  • I found your surf related item at China Beach last week. Give me a txt with the description and we can work out a time/place to meet up.
    - Silvio - 250-818-6035 Quadra Ville (Apr/25/2016)

  • Lost white iphone screan broken, on Saturday April 23rd in the evening, on the parking lot. Lots of family pictures! Please, contact me! Thanks!
    - Antoine - 604-916-2770 West Vancouver (Apr/25/2016)

  • lost my gold necklace (says mahalo on it) on the beach at port renfrew March 26th/27th! If found please contact me!
    - Haley - 250-589-5580 Port renfrew (Apr/04/2016)
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